Your ThermoJet MicroLite Stove is designed to provide a lifetime of dependable service. Each stove is carefully inspected and tested before it is shipped. But in the event your stove ever has any problem, return it directly to us and we'll make it right. There is no need to contact us first. We don't require that you get your return "preapproved". Just pack the complete stove up securely, enclose a brief note describing the problem, and send it to:

Rick Huggins
2 Rock Cabin Rd.
Markleton, PA 15551

Please be sure to return the complete stove, even if you suspect the trouble is only with one component. All the parts of your ThermoJet MicroLite Stove are designed to work together as a unit, so we need the complete stove to thoroughly investigate and test any potential problem. For this same reason, we can not offer warranty service through email or accommodate requests to send out replacement parts.

Remember that our warranty does not cover damage due to misuse or accidents.