"...the best overall (light weight and top performing) alcohol cooking system we tested." BackpackingLight.com

It's fast and much, much hotter than any other alcohol stove I've seen. ... It's a really lovely little stove, and HOT!!! I can't get over how hot it is, and how fast. ... It's so simple and amazingly effective. I'm impressed. M.A., England

It's an incredible stove. ... I wish I had one when I was trapping in Alaska. P.K., Pennsylvania

When I first unpacked the stove, I was impressed at how small, simple and light it was. But I was skeptical that it could perform as advertised. Since I was heading up to the mountains, I took the stove along with me to see how it worked. On the way out of town, I stopped at an auto parts store and picked up a pint of windshield washer concentrate (methyl alcohol) for 98¢.

The weather at the cabin was a clear 32° with a steady breeze and occasional gusts. I set the stove up in a fairly sheltered spot, but didn't make any special provision to protect it from the wind. I took a pint of water from the ice encrusted creek, added a package of dried soup mix, put it on the stove, sat back and waited. In just over 5 minutes, the pot was boiling over! I couldn't believe it!

I slid down the simmer band and saw another first for a portable stove. The heat went down to simmer almost instantly. The temperature held at a strong, steady simmer for the remaining 5 minutes of cooking time. There were no knobs to fiddle with, no plungers to pump, no valves to adjust, no relighting the flame as it blew out. It was like it was all automatic.

In about 10 minutes, with less than a dime's worth of fuel, I had a pot of hot soup ready to eat. I also had a lot more respect for this featherweight little stove! The weather conditions were as bad or worse than most people encounter when camping. I would have no problem carrying this stove on a winter trip! Over the years, I've tried every kind of stove they make and have accumulated quite a collection. But, I have never seen anything like this. It's light, it's small, it's simple and it works! Really unbelievable! I may not understand all the physics behind it, but whatever it is, you sure got it right! R.H., Pennsylvania