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My name is Tim Huggins. This web site contains some of my favorite photographs. There are various landscape, cityscape and flora and fauna shots, organized by subject with thumbnail previews.

All of these pictures are my work and are copyrighted by me. You are welcome to view and download them for your personal enjoyment. Use them as wallpaper, a sceensaver, to plan a trip, for school reports or to take a little virtual vacation when the pressures of work get to be too much. You may not use them for any commercial purposes (that includes anything that will be published or used in any way that will be directly or indirectly remunerative to you or anyone else) without express permission.

The pictures will display best if you put your browser in Fullscreen mode. Click the "Fullscreen" icon on the browser's toolbar, or Click "View > Fullscreen" from the menu bar. Click the "Restore" button in the upper right hand corner of the window to exit Fullscreen mode.